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Aljean Harmetz is a Hollywood journalist and film historian. She was the Hollywood correspondent of The New York Times from 1978 to 1990.

Her film books include: The Making of The Wizard of Oz, a detailed book about the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, Round Up the Usual Suspects: The Making of Casablanca : Bogart, Bergman, and World War II (NY: Hyperion, 1992), On the Road to Tara: the Making of Gone with the Wind, and Rolling Breaks and Other Movie Business, which was a collection of her articles.

Harmetz is also the author of the fictional work "Off the Face of the Earth," a suspense novel of a boy's abduction and the efforts to free him.[1]

She has written for various national magazines, publishing poetry in the Atlantic (magazine) and a Best First Story in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. She has contributed articles in Esquire (magazine), The New Republic, Cosmopolitan (magazine), The New York Times, TV Guide, Architectural Digest, the Los Angeles Times, etc.

She is related by marriage to the corporate lawyer, Lloyd Harmetz.

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