Bluesage about

I am a zoologist, freelance writer and photographer that moved from Sweden to Corfu in Greece in 2011. I have a PhD degree in systematic zoology from the University of Lund and apart from zoology have a keen interest in botany as well as in plants in general. I am a keen gardener and avid plant collector and have grown and photographed a countless number of plants. I have published articles and photographs in leading Swedish garden magazines and co-authored two books, “The Herpetofauna of Corfu and the adjacent islands” and “The Dragonflies of Corfu”, a poster of “The Snakes of Corfu” and three scientific papers together with my husband and other fellow zoologists.

My most recent projects have been to document Corfu’s flora, fauna, and landscape both in pictures and text. I have accumulated quite an extensive collection of pictures in all of these categories, but I also have pictures of people and different events and festivities on the island in my collection.

Even if most of the photographs presented here are shot on Corfu or in Greece, there are some taken on travels to other parts of the world. The majority of the garden pictures are from my own gardens, the first in Sweden and the second on Corfu, and most plant portraits are shots of plants from my personal collection.

My company, BlueSage, was set up in Sweden in 2002 and is still registered there (Vat-nr SE600128400601).

Books, posters, and prints can be ordered by contacting me at nathist.corfu@gmail.com. However, books on Corfu’s fauna at reduced price can only be purchased on Corfu.

Books can also be ordered here, NHBS and Nibuk.

Apart from photographing and writing I do consulting work on biological topics and give lectures on Corfu’s fauna and flora together with Bo Stille.